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What is TDI?

Temporary Disability Insurance (TDI) is a state-mandated “wage replacement” program that pays benefits to partially replace loss of wages due to off-the-job sickness or injury. As a complement to Worker’s Compensation insurance, TDI ensures that workers are protected both on and off the jobsite. With few exceptions, all employers in Hawai`i with one or more employees (full-time, part-time, or temporary) are required to provide TDI as part of their disability benefits package for employees.


Statutory Plan Benefits

  • Employees on disability receive up to 58% of their average weekly wage up to the State of Hawai`i maximum benefit amount.
  • The benefit amount is payable from the 8th day of disability.
  • The maximum length of coverage is a total of 26 weeks during the benefit year.
  • Click here for the most up to date TDI law for the State of Hawai`i.

Coverage Eligibity

  • Injury or illness must not be work-related and prevents your employees from performing regular work.
  • Disability requires confirmation by a certified physician.
  • Coverage is available to employees who are hired immediately before the date of injury or illness.
  • Coverage is available to employees who are separated from their jobs if the disability is within two weeks of the separation date.
  • Coverage is available to employees who worked at least 14 weeks during each of which the individual was paid 20 or more hours and earned not less than $400 during the 52 weeks immediately preceding the first day of disability.


TDI provides financial support to eligible employees during times of need. In providing both Worker’s Compensation and TDI coverages, employers can rest easier knowing that their employees are protected for both on-and-off the job injuries and illnesses. Employees will be comforted knowing that they’re covered by a 100% local TDI provider that understands their unique needs

Employer Advantages

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Employee Advantages

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Statutory Plan Benefits

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Temporary Disability Insurance for Hawaii Businesses

Temporary Disability Insurance (TDI) is a “wage replacement” program that pays benefits to partially replace lost wages due to off-the-job sickness or injury (including pregnancy). With few exceptions, all employers in Hawaii with one or more employees (full-time, part-time or temporary) are required to provide disability benefits for its employees.

Advantages to Employers

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Advantages to Employees

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Statutory Plan Benefits

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Coverage Eligibility

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About EPIC

Wholly owned subsidiary of HEMIC, Hawai`i’s leading provider of Worker’s Compensation insurance

Employers’ Protective Insurance Company (EPIC) is excited to offer a new Temporary Disability Insurance (TDI) solution to Hawai`i businesses. By combining cutting edge technology with world-class customer service, we’re proud to provide fast, convenient and high-quality service at competitive prices.

As a wholly owned subsidiary of HEMIC, the leading provider of Workers’ Compensation insurance in Hawai`i, we leverage our technical expertise in managing disability along with state-of-the-art technology to provide exceptional and affordable services for the benefit of Hawai`i’s businesses and employees. Our clients enjoy simple, online, automated processes.

Hawai`i businesses now have the option to cover both state-mandated insurances – Workers’ Compensation for on-the-job injury and illnesses and TDI for off-the-job injury and illnesses – under one roof.

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